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Vauxhall MB Church

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What We Believe

The Mennonite Brethren consider themselves to be Anabaptist and Evangelical in faith and practice. Our roots are submerged in the soil of Zwingli’s early disciples and Menno Simon's later writings. As a result, we hope to be known as a people of the Book. We also embrace the following distinctives of the Anabaptists: community, justice and mercy ministries; love and non-resistance; and believer’s baptism. Our roots are also submerged in the revivals that swept through the Mennonite communities of Russia in the 19th century. During those revivals the Mennonites were reintroduced to the Gospel, the person and work of Jesus Christ. Today, we continue to cling to the following Evangelical Distinctives: The authority and sufficiency of Scripture, the centrality of the cross and the necessity of conversion. 



Who We Are

Vauxhall MB Church is a small community church in Southern Alberta that believes that God can do wonders through His people. A plaque on the church building reads, “Dedicated to the glory of God”. We trust that it is not just our building, but that our very lives and lips will reflect and proclaim God’s fame. We believe that through the power of the Gospel our individual hearts and our corporate community will be transformed to become more like Christ. As we grow into the likeness of Christ, we hope to have a greater impact on our local community and the world at large.